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Hello, and welcome to my website.

My name is Conrado Salas Cano. I studied physics at the California Institute of Technology, where I graduated with a B.S. in Physics with honors in 1998. Later I enrolled at Portland State University in Oregon where I obtained a M.S. in Physics.

In 2004 I moved back to my home country of Spain, where I have been helping in my family’s real estate management business since.


by Conrado Salas Cano · November 28, 2018

I will briefly mention here some of the literature dealing with conspiracies, what might be happening in the world behind the scenes, and spirituality. For me these topics are all related, as my own spiritual journey was kick-started by the realization of what this world is really about and who might possibly be behind some important global affairs.

I may not entirely agree with the literature I will mention here, and I certainly cannot vouch for its veracity, but I have found it useful in my personal investigations, or at least I have derived excitement, succor or intellectual stimulation from reading it. I sometimes mention an author without discussing any of his/her specific work, which may be found at the author’s webpage if (s)he has one, through the specialized google scholar internet search engine; or on the internet at large.

Of course I am mindful of the self-professed (and sometimes card-carrying) “skeptics” and their sensational-looking swipes at giving the pretense of debunking unorthodox claims. I am familiar with magician James Randi; the now deceased Paul Kurtz and The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, and I have read Michael Shermer’s book The Borderlands of Science. Here’s my take:

The practical collusion of these two attitudes is that, when reviewing unorthodox claims of weird phenomena, convoluted mental gymnastics will be undertaken in an attempt to explain away and give the forceful impression of having “debunked” such claims.

Only very occasionally do these so-called “skeptics” concede that some marginal phenomena at the fringes of conventional, officially-accepted science are or might be real, in order to convey the public-relations image that they are not entirely closed to new evidence. Generally, these “skeptics” are the last in society to be convinced that a new phenomenon is real, being typically dragged kicking and screaming into the acceptance of its veracity. I like to refer to these self-professed “skeptics” with uppercase “S”, i.e., as “Skeptics”, in order to distinguish them from those who just practice healthy, open-minded skepticism fair and square, something which is generally advisable in everyday life.

“Skeptics” sermonize that they just apply ordinary skepticism to their attitude, and insist that they are open-minded, but my personal impression from meeting some in the past is that they typically are not. So what is healthy skepticism? To me, healthy skepticism consists of being on one's guard and paying attention if one’s intuition says that something does not feel true in what one is hearing or reading. The mind can't be used for this lie-spotting purpose because it has been programmed. This is where I markedly depart from “Skeptics”, because they despise intuition and ascribe full epistemological value to rationality and what they describe as “training in science”, i.e., Carl Sagan's mythical baloney detection kit as espoused in his book The Demon Haunted World (which I bought and read). But, to me, this is all a clever use of language. The “Skeptics” and other shock troops of the establishment have excelled at the pointed (and more obscurely couched) use of buzzwords. “Rationality” and “training in science” in reality mean adherence to the “Skeptics”' implicit dogma of what's possible, sometimes stilted on logical highbrow sophistry, and often accompanied by a good dose of mental gymnastics.

Some of the rhetoric used by “Skeptics” might be vitriolic, but some is constructive, however, and some of the “debunking” declared by “Skeptics” might be warranted and genuine: i.e., some claims of weird phenomena coming from the fringes of “official” science might indeed be bogus. I must say that I was reassured when I learned that Michael Shermer, whom I once met personally, is now friends with Deepak Chopra, despite the disagreements the two have over fundamental issues.

Revelation and important insights don’t arrive as the result of arduous striving in thought and of racking your brains. They dawn on you, effortlessly, often when you least expect it. So, really, “Free thought”, while possibly good and enlightening at first, in the end becomes an oxymoron, because “thought” can entrap you and cocoon you in pain, shielding you from the larger reality.

My heart is bruised and broken, because for many years I followed it and only received blows. Clearly for the heart to function well as a personal guide, it must be informed by the head. However, I still think (or better yet, feel), that heart-sourced intuition is one’s best guidance in matters of truth-seeking.

Throughout the human body, there are said to be seven main energy points, called chakras, and more or less I personally buy the chakra theory. The living pulse of one’s best intuition comes, I conclude, from the heart chakra, the one located (at least for humans!) at the center of the chest (the actual organ of the heart is a bit to the side of it). One’s “gut feelings”, which originate from a chakra anatomically positioned a bit lower in the body, might be a useful guide too, in some situations.

So, certainly, my advice is to not accept any asseveration at face value, and this includes what the professional “Skeptics” rattle and what anybody else, including me, may say. Instead, I suggest you listen to your heart and your intuition.

I think that, at bottom, there is only one law of Physics or of Nature, and this is that Consciousness creates its own reality, since reality needs an observing consciousness to exist. But the Consciousness that generates its own reality is none other than God’s…, from which all things emanate. Many forms of consciousness, being intermediate between dead matter and God (and much closer to the former!), have little say –at least consciously!- in what happens to them, especially while they are in incarnate form.

Still, the nature of consciousness in humans and in most everyday living organisms has contributed to the solidification of reality into an ordered pattern which, for much of the experience that we routinely dare to explore, is amenable to the usual laws of Physics and Nature.


My works and publications are listed here.

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por Conrado Salas Cano· 26 de octubre de 2018


by Conrado Salas Cano· November 27, 2018

There are some scoundrelly humans in society. It has been my chapfallen impression that these knavish individuals do not deserve that higher knowledge be revealed to them. I have been taken aback on many occasions by the rascally behavior of humans around me, although I am far from being free of sin myself. I must confess that, on those occasions, I haven’t felt very human myself, although I was born in a human body, with its frustrating limitations. I have (often) been sick and tired of this life, wondering who the hell sent me here.

This world seems to be fallen from grace, with its low, unpleasant, chapfallen vibrations. Yet it seems that the whole of Creation may be magically alive and self-organizing. My feeling is that the second law of thermodynamics (which implies relentless overall decay) is in fact false, or at least applies only in entropic regimes, regimes where a positive Creative Consciousness is not in charge.

It is nice when the light of Consciousness is shed on existence. Then certain questions arise. Is death really inevitable? I suppose that an intensely conscious presence can see through the illusion of Time, and so then, as Eckhart Tolle has suggested, the burden of time, the weight of a perceived past or anticipated future, stops being “accumulated” in one’s psyche and in one’s cells, or at least the rate of this “accumulation” slows down. This can be combined with some meditative spiritual practices such as yoga, which may activate energy flows, possibly drawing them from higher vibrational planes. With a proper combination of that sort, I wonder: could biological ageing and deterioration –senescence- in the cells be much retarded, stopped…, maybe even be reversed?

A few strands of gray or white hair were spotted on my hair not too long after I turned 40 -that dreadful age-, although some of them seemed to have mysteriously disappeared a few days later. Nevertheless, I clearly no longer have the motivation, and I most likely have lost the ability, to push myself in athletic endeavors the way I used to. Due possibly to my past running, but mainly due to a slight congenital malformation of mine, the cartilage in my right hip joint has been all but lost, in a condition which, while possibly not quite amounting to osteoarthritis, is found to be incurable by standard medicine. I have tried to meditate and take good care of myself, but the wrinkles on my forehead do not seem to go away!

The toll and weariness exacted by the harsh pressures of daily life and survival in a mostly entropic world typically in the end tend to dwarf the possible age-defying effects of those difficult-to-attain and generally brief moments of powerful, shining conscious presence, and of associated spiritual practices, or at least this has been the case for life in the Western world until now. Also, when it comes to the reasons for bodily death and for ageing, there isn’t just thermodynamics involved but also biology and other factors. Senescence may to a large extent be written in the genes. And then, when others, whom you have as a reference, begin to lack the energy to do certain things, you tend to lose the motivation and the energy to act as you would normally have acted in reaction to those things, and so, if there is no further stimulus to rouse and enthuse you, you can wilt and age. We are all intimately connected.

So, without biomedicine or bioengineering in a form that is still unavailable (at least to most people), senescence appears to be in the long run more or less inevitable, following maturity, for individuals who have been born human (a few animal species like some tortoises don’t appreciably age).

Still, Leonard Orr says he has met over eight individuals (chiefly yogis in India) who have maintained their body in health past 300 years of age, adding that not all of them look very, very old.

Writing for HuffPost, the big American news&opinion website and blog, another Western observer has claimed making a pilgrimage to the ashram of a 2,000 year old master, and being struck at how gracefully and easily this master moved and at the vitality the master showed.

A paperback by Bob Frissell, tantalizingly titled Something in this book is True…, discovered for me the alleged existence of Mahavatar Babaji, an ageless yogi and saint who can purportedly manifest any body he wants. Haidakhan Babaji, a teacher who appeared in northern India from 1970 to 1984, and who reportedly performed miracles, is said by some to be that same Mahavatar Babaji. The mandatory reference in this regard, and the book that must be credited with seriously introducing the supernal figure of Babaji to the West, is Paramhansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi.

I think it is safe to say that none of these individuals, if they are indeed so very long-lived or ageless, have resorted to bioengineering or nanotechnology. On the contrary, they seem to have somehow activated a latent power of their consciousness or of their holistic being.

Jesús Jofre Milà, whom I have met in person and who I think is sincere and not deluded, has chronicled in his book Contacto con Sharhim- Un ser de 5ª dimension (available only in Spanish) that in the 1980s, in the course of an amazing trip to Peru, he met a certain elusive monastic order whose male adepts looked no older than 30. But he saw the passport of one of these men and its age was 80. (There were also two women in that group; one looked a bit older than 30, and the other, the group’s seemingly clairvoyant leader, had a youthful face, and once declared that she had no place of origin and that she had always been around). The members of this monastic order practiced advanced holistic energy-balancing techniques, and, as part of their spiritual pursuits, they very much minded their diet, even the colors of the clothes they wore. Once Jesús sat in a circle with them, and they all achieved a partial levitation. Jesús says in his book that he levitated too, although his dangling feet still touched the floor. Later in his life, Jesús Jofre Milà also reports having had an amazing personal encounter with a highly evolved and benevolent (angelic, perhaps) being, a being that came from outer space and whose body was made mostly of light and energy.

The higher the spiritual vibrations –for lack of a better term- that a plane of existence has, the “higher” and closer it is to God-the-Source-of-All-things (who sits at the pinnacle of Creation); the vibrations of dead physical matter are typically quite low.

In some starry-eyed spiritual circles, there is talk of an incipient worldwide process that is –more or less appropriately- called “Ascension”, whereby the vibrations reached by the consciousness of humans and other life-forms on planet Earth are said to be undergoing a steady “rise”. This rise is said to be driven, or at least assisted, by a benevolent process affecting our solar system. It is also said that some good souls are working to help this “Ascension” move forward. It is further ventured in these spiritual circles that “Ascension” will over time entail changes in some bodies, leading eventually perhaps –at least in some cases- to the body’s transmutation into an (imperishable) body of light or a more “energetic” state, literally glowing with light. Such a transmutation into an imperishable and glowing body of light would, to me, be a most desirable form of bodily immortality.

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, at the end of his ministry on Earth Jesus Christ “ascended” or was taken up to heaven, having already attained a glorified body (impervious to disease and senescence, presumably) at the moment of his Resurrection, when he is said to have given off a burst of radiant energy. I personally find this scenario possible. This heaven may have been a “superphysical” plane of existence, “vibrating” “higher” and closer to God; a place physically above the earth’s surface in the skies; or both. Other prophet-like preternatural individuals may have also been in olden times bodily taken up to “heaven” in a somewhat similar vein, according to various interpretations of the Christian Scriptures and the lore of other faiths. Imagining that a fate not too different from this may soon open up to human beings en masse, a spiritual current within what might be broadly regarded as New Ageism has come up with the generic term “Ascension” to designate what it regards as the impending transformation of Earth and humanity into a new state, where light bodies and glorified bodies will be commonplace, and where (formerly) human beings might be able to easily travel up –in a sense, be raptured- to “heaven” … or “heaven” may just be brought down to Earth. This celestial fate (David Wilcock would probably use the term “apotheosis”) will have been enabled, at least in part, by the late, cosmically-driven “rise” in vibrations, which perfects and exalts all things, lifting them “higher” and closer to God.

Is “Ascension”, as bandied about in these New-Age-type spiritual circles, real? If it is, the grim realities of everyday life seriously test my hope that I will see glowing light bodies becoming commonplace during the course of, well…, my lifetime.

I would like to rejuvenate myself and, eventually, I would like to evolve into a being of light, but I am realistic, and also I reckon that obsession about youthfulness and immortality might be counterproductive.

In November 2017, Jesús Jofre privately transmitted to me what may be a truly masterly lesson: he said that I can actually achieve rejuvenation and transmutation through the latent power of my own enlightenment alone, aided only by a careful natural diet and perhaps some proper exercises or practices which my intuition can naturally discover, and, moreover, that for this to happen, I just need to sincerely desire it, cast my desire into the Universe…, and then totally forget about it. If true, this teaching would be fabulous. But I do not sufficiently trust this teaching. Therefore, if a safe –and affordable!- form of bioengineering is developed down the line that can be medically shown to extend one’s lifespan with a good quality of life,…, well, then I guess I will be very tempted to try that form of bioengineering, much as I have disliked transhumanism in the past. I am already taking a resveratrol-based nutritional supplement which has been approved here in Spain where I live.

Returning to sociology, I feel that efficient and wholesome organization may perhaps not require government as we know it. This may be particularly so if effective and precise telepathic communications become possible on a mass scale. However, my perception is that humans as a whole are still not spiritually ready for the abolition of standard governments. There are still too many scoundrels around. Neither are humans probably ready for the blessings of free energy, great paranormal powers or open benevolent ET contact. In my view, these things should happen only as evil disappears from our society.

I hope, probably with justification, that a total global economic crash will not happen. By subscribing to a brighter economic future, we can help create a self-fulfilling prophecy of a positive nature. That's why, for all the talk there has been about gold as an asset in these times, I still haven't bothered yet to trade any of my money for gold. After all, even the act of trading money for gold takes time and energy which detracts from the value and quality of my life. While I don't discourage the purchase of gold as a personal preparedness measure, I prefer the spiritual gold that results from a successful personal or individual alchemy.

My understanding is that the financial system works by lending fake money, totally or partially fabricated out of thin air with no backing on actual wealth, and then by demanding that the loan be paid back in full with real wealth, plus interest. This certainly seems to be wrong. However, it is virtually impossible these days to work without money or banks, so I am not saying that taking out a loan at some point, if one is in need of such a loan, is wrong!

Physical activity is important, at least as long as our bodies are (mostly) confined to this particular plane of reality, at its often depressing and somewhat dense rate of vibration, and the Monday-thru-Friday world keeps being a business-as-usual cesspit with some occasional delightful fragrances. Vigorous physical exercise cleanses the body, energizes one’s outlook, and releases endorphins, which are natural antidepressants. Who knows, good health may still require periodic physical exercise even when free-energy-generating devices, which I have deduced create a general life-charging ambience, become widely available. Or, perhaps, in spiritual terms, we will not rightly deserve these free-energy-generating devices while our lives are Ego-driven and attended by shit of various kinds (feces don’t seem very divine to me, but an organism or being that sustained itself only off air and energy, or whose body glowed literally with light, wouldn’t –I imagine- need to excrete them).

I suppose that, from a final, metaphysical standpoint, we are all God because All is One; however, I find that the Way of Humbleness is the better Spiritual Path. I prefer to think that I am inconceivably insignificant without God. In fact, without God I am truly nothing, I realize. Yet, by surrendering to God, I suppose one aligns oneself with the omnipotent Divine Will behind the Universe, and That is real power.


by Conrado Salas Cano · November 7, 2018

I was a runner until 2017.

I took a shot at races until 2013. My personal best in the standard marathon is an official 2:59:33 at the 2010 international Zaragoza marathon, over a course which, if I recall correctly, was certified to be (at least) 42,195 meters long, and had no elevation differential between start and finish. In this race, I inadvertently shaved off a few yards (ten yards at the most) because a couple of gentle curves along the course were not very well signaled, although it is practically certain that I made up for those yards along the rest of the course, for example in the pit stop I was forced to take. I explained this later to the race organizer and he assured me that my time was valid.

Around that time, I produced one or two agonistic training sessions that indicated an even greater running potential, although this was never translated to an actual race result. In one memorable training session in late 2011, I may have averaged under 4 minutes/km for 20 miles. If I didn’t, then I must have come really close to averaging under 4 minutes/km (or 6:26.24256/mile, I have a weak spot for decimals).

On June 9 2013, I accomplished with some elation, and under bothersome rain, my best valid, official 10 km time, a 38:31, in a pretty flat road race over a properly-measured course with no elevation differential between start and finish.

After that, however, some nagging, persistent right hip pain compelled me to see a doctor, and I was diagnosed with a cam-type femoroacetabular impingement in my right hip. I was told that I hadn’t been born with the ideal hip joint for running. I began to think about trying my hand at a triathlon, where good running is important but is not everything.

On June 17 2014 I had a femoroplasty, and the surgery and subsequent rehab went very well. In fact, for months after rehab I seriously contemplated attempting a triathlon, and logged 12 hour training weeks that combined stationary biking, swimming and increasing amounts of running.

But I never actually attempted a triathlon, and, in fact, soon thereafter I realized that my years of pushing myself hard to be competitive as a stand-alone runner were over. I clearly didn’t have the genetics to excel as a runner, ever. And I no longer had the motivation to try. Besides, I was too old, or so would conventional sports physiology dictate.

I had become tired of competition, not just in sport, but in life in general.

In November 2017 a routine X-ray check revealed that the cartilage in my hip joint was all but gone. I have later been informed that this was largely, if not entirely, due to a slight congenital malformation. I think that, for safety, I should refrain from ever running again! But, even without further running, I reckon that I may need a prosthetic hip at some point in the distant future. So, these days, I just do the basic exercise that makes me feel a little better, although not good anymore –I am senescing and hence I am in the doldrums of life-: I mainly swim, and avoid impact on my hip joints. With a more spiritual orientation, I have tried some basic Kriya yoga and the Five Tibetan Rites too, but I have lost some confidence in my ability to really rejuvenate myself through these practices, and they are not entirely advised for me anyway, given the condition of my hip.


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