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Hello, and welcome to my website

My name is Conrado Salas Cano. I studied physics at the California Institute of Technology, where I graduated with a B.S. in Physics with honors in 1998. Later I enrolled at Portland State University in Oregon where I obtained a M.S. (in Physics, if I remember well).

In 2004 I moved back to my home country of Spain, where I have been helping in my family’s real estate management business since.


by Conrado Salas Cano

I will briefly review here some of the literature and a little of the talk show scene dealing with conspiracies, what might be happening in the world behind the scenes, and spirituality. I may not entirely agree with the published works of the authors and voices which I will discuss, but I have found those works useful in my personal investigations, or at least I have derived excitement or succor from reading them.

Of course I am mindful of the “skeptics” and their sensational-looking swipes at giving the pretense of debunking. I am familiar with magician James Randi; the now deceased Paul Kurtz; The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry; the Ironman of renegade Skepticism, Michael Shermer and their ilk.

Only very occasionally will these so-called “skeptics” concede that some marginal phenomena at the fringes of conventional, officially-accepted science are or might be real, in order to convey the public-relations image that they are not entirely closed to new evidence.

Dan Drasin penned an excellent article, titled “Zen ... and the Art of Debunkery- Or, How to Debunk Just About Anything” which studies (with some admitted comic exaggeration) the tactics and sham attitudes of these so-called “skeptics”, which I like to refer to with uppercase “S”, i.e., as “Skeptics”, in order to distinguish them from ordinary, ethical, healthy, open-minded skeptics, which in my view we should all ordinarily be.

“Skeptics” sermonize that they just apply ordinary skepticism to their attitude, and insist that they are open-minded, but they are not. So what is healthy skepticism? To me, healthy skepticism consists of being on one's guard and paying attention if one’s intuition says that something does not feel true in what one is hearing or reading. The mind can't be used for this lie-spotting purpose because it has been programmed. This is where I markedly depart from “Skeptics”, because they despise intuition and ascribe full epistemological value to rationality and what they describe as “training in science”, i.e., Carl Sagan's mythical baloney detection kit as espoused in his book The Demon Haunted World. But see, it is all a clever use of language. The “Skeptics” and other shock troops of the establishment have excelled at the pointed (and more obscurely couched) use of buzzwords. “Rationality” and “training in science” in reality mean adherence to the “Skeptics”' implicit dogma of what's possible, sometimes stilted on logical highbrow sophistry, and generally accompanied by a good dose of mental gymnastics in trying to fit one's perceptions of reality to any thought pattern, I don't care which.

Revelation and important insights don’t arrive as the result of arduous striving in thought and of racking your brains. They dawn on you, effortlessly, often when you least expect it. So, really, “Free thought”, while possibly good and enlightening at first, in the end becomes an oxymoron, because “thought” can entrap you and cocoon you in pain, shielding you from the larger reality.

My heart is bruised and broken, because for many years I followed it and only received blows. However, I still think (or better yet, feel), that heart-sourced intuition is one’s best guidance in matters of truth-seeking.

Throughout the evolving human body, there are seven main energy points, called chakras. The living pulse of one’s best intuition comes from the heart chakra, the one located (at least for humans!) at the center of the chest (the actual organ of the heart is a bit to the side of it). Hence this pure intuition may not necessarily correspond to one’s “gut feelings”, which originate from chakras anatomically positioned more toward the inferior part of the body, chakras which are responsive to fear and primal instincts.

So, certainly, my advice is to not accept any asseveration at face value, and this includes what the professional “Skeptics” rattle and what anybody else, including me, may say. Instead, I suggest you listen to your heart and your intuition.

At bottom, there is only one law of Physics or of Nature, and this is that Consciousness creates its own reality, since reality needs an observing consciousness to exist. But the Consciousness that generates its own reality is none other than God’s…, from which all things emanate. Many forms of consciousness, being intermediate between dead matter and God (and much closer to the former!), have little say –at least consciously!- in what happens to them, especially while they are in incarnate form.

Still, the nature of consciousness in humans and in most everyday living organisms has contributed to the solidification of reality into an ordered pattern which, for much of the experience that we routinely dare to explore, is amenable to the usual laws of Physics and Nature.

You can read Rupert Sheldrake's book The Presence of the Past: morphic resonance and the habits of nature, although it is still coy and very diplomatic to mainstream science. Why all this fear of contravening the dictates of so-called “modern science”, the sacred cow? It's all part of the Illuminati’s reality control, I am afraid. The idea of a “scientific method" that is, by its very nature, truth-seeking, self-correcting and rigorous is often a myth, and in many of those instances when it is not, such a method constitutes, I venture, an inadequate and even insensitive way, to understand and decipher reality.

The secret is that words do not just describe reality; in a very, very tiny, but nevertheless important way, they help create reality (“In the beginning was the Word […] and the Word was God”, John 1:1). The Illuminati well know this.

The Illuminati, their minions in the military-industrial complex’s black projects, and, to a lesser extent, the shadowy interlocking councils of (often gray-haired) “wise men” that often serve the Illuminati, have a knowledge which is often far in advance of that possessed by the common people. However, the Illuminati have been a bit retarded when it comes to love and compassion.

As a result of the Illuminati’s very privileged knowledge, the major so-called “scientific discoveries” are, I surmise, not announced to the world every time a new patch of unknown territory in the Universe has been struck. Rather, bits of knowledge new to the people will then be “trickled down” to them and presented as (sometimes “major”) “scientific discoveries”, when the hidden masters deem society, or rather their institutional instruments of control of society, ready and disposed to malleably assimilate the next tiny incremental change in the people's worldview, without public panic, bank runs or other disruptions that may be upsetting to the ruling financial Elite.

Physicist Stephen Hawking, so tragically confined to a wheelchair, and communicating through an electronic voice synthesizer, acts with his public announcements as an oracle of science, and has often been used by the powers that be to propagate the false notion that official science is at the forefront of human knowledge. I wish Hawking were able to use the power of the spoken word (to me the most liberating form of expression), and I decry the pageantry with which his mystique of the inaccessible genius who communicates only through an electronic voice synthesizer is used to promote the Illuminati's transhumanist agenda of eliminating in-person human interaction and gradually replacing it by gadgets and computers.

Returning to the mechanics of scientific discoveries and their announcement, until society is pliantly disposed and the hierarchies running it are ready, a discovery will be withheld, and the conduits of funding, through government grants or corporate contracts, to the research bodies with the facilities to explore that area of knowledge, shut off. If by any chance a group of scientists were to hurriedly break a possibly Earth-shattering announcement in an impromptu press release, as happened with the original Fleischmann and Pons March 1989 cold fusion declaration, the “peer-review” bulldozing machinery will instantly be put into motion, and the heavy-weight apples of the Establishment's eye called upon to make sure that the finding in question is not experimentally confirmed; or, if the in-house data by scientists in the know turn out to be confirmatory, that such data are falsified so the man in the street walks away with the general impression that the whole thing was a clinker. The scintillating September 2011 announcement of possible (microscopically) superluminal travel times of neutrinos in the OPERA experiment can be put in the same, well, light, with the difference being that this time the tantalizing possible breakthrough came not from a backwater institution but from the core of the world Physics establishment, CERN itself.

It is appropriate to say that the proverbial speed of light limit is run roughshod on and ridiculed by ET craft all the time, and I understand that even the US military-industrial complex has superluminal interstellar travel capability, although according to Steven Greer there is an ET injunction in force against use of it.

Interacting and exchanging technology with alien beings, the forces that seek to take over Earth’s population and resources are in possession of a science that, I surmise, might be in some cases light-years ahead of official “modern science”,… perhaps even literally if the aforesaid rumored interstellar travel capability is real, and there is actually no ET injunction against it… or if there is an injunction but it is simply ignored.

The worshipping of Albert Einstein and the snubbing of Nikola Tesla in academia has all been instigated by the highly corporatized cabal in charge of the ET/UFO-related deep black projects around the world, a cabal mostly in command of the military-industrial complex in the US and other advanced countries, and a cabal that I surmise is very much infiltrated, if not directed, by the Illuminati. This cabal knows full well that it was Tesla not Einstein who “figured it out” as pertains to energy, gravity and electromagnetism. However, this cabal perpetuates the Einstein fixation in the Western “education system”, thus keeping its secret technological edge over the military technology of many nations. This cabal also wants to be way in advance of the civilian science of all nations. I think their purpose might be to ensnare and enslave human society, ever stealthily rounding it up into a technocratic, Orwellian prison.