Here’s a letter/report I am very proud of.

It is my December 30 2010 letter to Peter Hyams, director of the movies 2010: The year we make contact, Capricorn One and End of Days.
This letter was indeed mailed out before the clock struck midnight on December 31st , 2010…, but to the wrong address. I then found this out and had to remail it to Peter Hyams ca January 4 2011.
Months after sending it to Hyams, I realized that I had committed a couple of little errors in it. The smallest one is that the Arecibo observatory is located at 66.75° West longitude, not at 66.66° as I had put in my letter/report. Still, the 66.66° W longitude point (at the same latitude) falls still within the Arecibo municipality. A somewhat more significant lapse is that actor Savely Kramarov never lived to see the real year 2001 (in which he would have turned 66.6, as I said in the letter/report). He passed in 1995, on a June 6. Yes, that is 6/6… Also a clarification needs to be made: the ill-fated Columbia STS-107 mission lifted off at 9:39 CENTRAL Standard Time (Houston time) on January 16 2003. And perhaps my assessment in the letter/report that foul play was involved in the tragic demise of Columbia was wrong: a photo does appear to indicate that something like a lightning bolt (a purple zigzag) struck Columbia upon atmospheric reentry, but Jim Oberg says he has debunked this and that the purple zigzag, the “lightning bolt”, was just the result of the camera being shaken on its tripod.
It is highly likely that another source of inspiration for Arthur C. Clarke’s fictitious character of Dr. Chandra in the novel 2010: Odyssey Two was the astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe, famed for his panspermia hypothesis. Wickramasinghe visited Arthur more than once at his Sri Lanka home, and at one point Arthur confided to (this real life) Chandra that, according to a high-placed source in the CIA, there was evidence supporting that bacteria came from outer space. I have had the distinct honor of meeting Chandra Wickramasinghe, a great man, whose scientific findings have been insidiously censored (or judged to flagitiously unfair standards of evidence) in the West.
Finally, I must acknowledge that, since posting my letter to Hyams, my views re the purported Apollo landings on the Moon have reverted to the opinion, which I once held around the year 2000, that NASA indeed faked at least part of the Apollo missions.

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